Needlefelt Figurines

Kearon Crafts needlefelted figurines are made by Mme Mamolapo in Lesotho. She has been needle felting sheep wool and mohair since 2008 and has created a unique Lesotho nativity set along with other African animals in collaboration with Kearon Crafts. Mamolapo Designs' needle felted figurines are exquisitely finished to the highest quality. Kearon Crafts worked with Mme Mamolapo Setho in Lesotho and it has been a great joy to see how this entrepreneur has honed her business and craft skill, developed a unique product and empowered herself to earn a living through which she has greatly improved her standard living and been able to support her children and grandchildren. When you purchase one of Mamolapo Design's figurines you support a lady who through grit, determination and daily hard work is breaking the cycle of poverty for herself and her family. She supports other artisans by passing on both craft and business skills.