Collectable felted Lesotho Nativity Set

The 'Lesotho Nativity' is a beautiful, needle felted set of seven little figurines made by Mme Mamolapo in the mountain Kingdom of Lesotho. The set comprises the Holy Family, a little Basotho shepherd boy with a white sheep, black sheep and angora goat. In Lesotho, shepherding of merino sheep and angora goats is a national tradition in which Basotho culture and traditions are deeply embedded. Please see Special Gift section for Angels. 

As an approximate sizing guide: Joseph is 17cm tall, Mary is 15cm tall, the Shepherd Boy is 13cm tall, Goats 9cm x  9cm tall and and Sheep vary a little in size but are 8 - 9cm x 6 - 7cm. 

Stable is not included.

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