Felted Lesotho Nativity Set 4

The 'Lesotho Nativity' is a beautiful, needle felted set of seven little figurines. All figurines are hand crafted by Mamolapo Designs in the border town of Maputsoe, Lesotho from sheep wool. The set comprises the Holy Family, a little Basotho shepherd boy with a white sheep, black sheep and angora goat. In Lesotho, shepherding of merino sheep and angora goats is a national tradition in which Basotho culture and traditions are deeply embedded. Please see Special Gift section for Angels. 

As an approximate sizing guide: Joseph is 17cm tall, Mary is 15cm tall, the Shepherd Boy is 13cm tall, Goats 9cm x  9cm tall and and Sheep vary a little in size but are 8 - 9cm x 6 - 7cm. 

Stable is not included. 

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