Little Angora Goat

The Little Angora Goat is a beautiful, needle felted figurine,  hand crafted in Lesotho from sheep wool. In Lesotho, shepherding of merino sheep and angora goats is a national tradition in which Basotho culture and traditions are deeply embedded. Lesotho is famous for its merino wool and mohair fibre; sold worldwide as a raw material. In the crafting tradition of Lesotho, mohair is used to make woven wool hangings, rugs, accessories and wearables. Keep an eye on our webpage for our 2021 collections as we will be featuring a range of Mohair woven products. 

Each Little Angora Goat is 9cm x 9cm from hoof to horn and from nose to tail respectively. Our goats are sold separately and prices shown are for one goat. 

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