Send some Love - Embroidered Heart Cards - Golden Hearts

Send some love with one of our exquisite embroidered heart cards. The Golden Hearts collection have embroidered gold coloured satin fabric hearts on a range of coloured cards and have gorgeous recycled brightly coloured envelopes. The embroidered hearts are free-stitched on a range of beautiful satin finish fabrics. Please select from the range of alternatives presented here. Each card is handmade and totally unique. The cards are A6 size. Made by Myfanwy Blisset, Castlecove, County Kerry.

Post your card directly from our store to your friends and family anywhere in the world with a personalised message from you. Just follow steps 1 to 3 below.

1) Select a card of your choice and 'Add to Cart'.

2) Add a message and the postal address of the recipient in the 'order notes' section at checkout and we will print this inside your card and send it off for you. If you have a longer message you would like included you can send it to us by email at Please send as a pdf attachment and we can print it off and insert it inside the card. 

3) Proceed to checkout and select "ship" option where letter rate option will be automatically calculated to your destination. 

We are here to assist you if you need any further assistance with sending your card to a recipient directly from our store. 

We reserve the right to query or refuse to print messages that may cause offence or harm. 

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