Therapeutic Cherry Stone hot and cold pillow wrap - comfort filled

Our therapeutic cherry stone hot and cold comfort filled wraps are approximately 69cm long and 14cm wide. They can be used as hot or cold packs and are ideal for relaxing and soothing muscles such as the neck, back and legs. The 100% cotton fabric is comfortable against the skin. The pillow is separated into three sections, each filled with 200g of cherry stones. This ensures that the little stones gently and evenly nestle against wherever you need them to provide comfort.  Gift packed with an instruction sheet.

These hot and cold pillow wraps are suitable for use around the neck or placed on other areas of the body. They are suitable for use on the lap and are soft and portable. The little cherry stones inside our pillows may encourage hand and finger exercising and may also help improve circulation. The sensory experience of temperature, fabric and little cherry stones may also calm agitated hands and minds and relieve stress.

Our cherry stone pillow wraps have been sewn using double seams to ensure safety, strength and durability. The cushions are filled with approximately 600g of dried cherry stones and are made with 100% cotton fabrics, machine or hand washable at 30 degrees (best washed in a laundry bag or pillowcase). Please ensure the cushions are completely dry before reheating. These pillow wraps can be cooled in the fridge or freezer (place inside a plastic bag before freezing) or heated using the microwave (2 minutes on 650W) or oven (20 minutes at 120 celcius/240 fahrenheit). 

Warning: Children must always be supervised as cherry stones pose a choking hazard.

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